Mathematical Modeling and Analysis

The Mathematical Modeling and Analysis (MMA) group investigates two-phase flows and transport phenomena at fluid interfaces. Multiphase flows pose challenges in understanding globally relevant natural and technical systems, for example, energy storage and conversion, climate change, and the discovery of medicines. We combine continuum-thermodynamical modeling, mathematical and computational analysis, numerical methods, and research software engineering to attack challenging open problems. We develop our numerical methods in the OpenFOAM open-source software for Computational Fluid Dynamics and ensure reproducibility of our results and sustainability of our research software for reliable and predictive Direct Numerical Simulations of transport processes in multiphase flows.

Head of MMA

Prof. Dr. Dieter Bothe

Head of MMA

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Research fields

Interface physics

- Interfacial mass transfer

- Viscoelastic two-phase flows

- Wetting & Dewetting

- Surfactant influence

Numerical methods

- Volume of Fluid

- Front Tracking

- Level Set

- Arbitrary Lagrangian / Eulerian (ALE)

Modeling & Analysis

- Multicomponent & multiphase fluid models

- Kinematics of interfaces & contact lines

- Reaction-diffusion-sorption systems

Young Scientists

Dr. Mathis Fricke

Research group leader

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Dr.-Ing. Tomislav Maric

Athene Young Investigator (Research group leader)

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