Holger Marschall

Dr. Holger Marschall

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Alarich-Weiss-Straße 10
64287 Darmstadt

Office: L2|06 411

More information

I am Research Group Leader on Advanced Two-Phase and Interfacial Flow Simulations using the OpenFOAM® CFD Software & Postdoctoral Research Associate (Habilitand), working with Prof. Dieter Bothe in the Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Group (MMA) at the Center of Smart Interfaces (CSI), Technical University of Darmstadt. My professional background is in Chemical Engineering with strong focus on numerical simulations of multiphase flows in chemical reactors and apparatus; I am a Chemical Engineer by training.

Curriculum Vitæ


Graduation in Chemical Engineering (Diplom-Ingenieur Univ.) at the Technische Universität München.


Diploma Thesis: Modeling of a microstructurd gas-liquid distributor using CFD, BASF SE


Research Assistant at the Chair of Chemical Engineering, Technische Universität München.


PhD Thesis: Towards the Numerical Simulation of Multi-Scale Two-Phase Flows, Technische Universität München.

since 2011

  • Research Group Leader “Advanced Two-Phase and Interfacial Flow Simulations using the OpenFOAM®”
  • Postdoctoral Associate (Habilitand) in the Mathematical Modeling and Analysis Group (Prof. Dieter Bothe) at the Center of Smart Interfaces (CSI), Technische Universität Darmstadt

Research Interests

Research Mission

To develop and advance computational methods and techniques with the goal to understand and enhance transport phenomena in two- and multiphase systems of reactive and/or complex fluids as they are processed in a multitude of chemical and process engineering apparatus.

Research Vision

Targeted improvement of transport processes at fluid interfaces and related processes by “Virtual Prototyping” using numerical high-fidelity methods.

Research Projects

My research interest includes the physics (transport phenomena) and chemistry (conversion, selectivity) in two- and multiphase systems, multi-scale modeling of these systems and corresonding numerical methodologies to cope with associated challenges.

My research has been mainly focused around the Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Toolbox OpenFOAM®. OpenFOAM is a free, Open Source C++ library under GNU Public License (GPL). This is particularly of interest, since OpenFOAM is used as common, unified development platform for scientific exchange in both academia and industry.

The “OpenFOAM Team” is

  • Daniel Deising, Dipl.-Ing.
    Interfacial Mass Transfer for implicit algebraic Volume-of-Fluid methods
  • Manuel Falcone, M.Sc.
    Development and Application of a Direct Numerical Method for Reactive Transport Processes in Bubble Systems
  • Tomislav Maric, M.Sc.
    Advanced Volume-of-Fluid Methods on Unstructured Meshes in OpenFOAM with Applications to Fluid Interfaces
  • Matthias Niethammer, M.Sc.
    Numerical Simulation of Viscoelastic Two-Phase Flows
  • Chiara Pesci, M.Sc.
    Numerical Simulation of Multicomponent Surfactant Transport on Fluidic Interfaces with OpenFOAM
  • Paul Weber, M.Sc.
    Modeling and Numerical Simulation of Multi-component Two-Phase Fluid Systems with Ionic Species

Research Topics (2013/14)

  • Volume-of-Fluid and Front-Tracking Method Development on Unstructured Meshes of General Topology
  • Hybrid Eulerian/Lagrangian Method Development for Two-Phase Reaction-Advection-Diffusion Equations at High Schmidt Numbers using OpenFOAM Bounded
  • Higher-Order (High-Resolution) Schemes for Interface Capturing Methods
  • Numerical Schemes for Finite Area Operators governing Heterogeneous Interfacial Diffusion within the Interface Tracking Framework
  • Numerical Stabilization of Viscoelastic Two-Phase Flows at High Weissenberg
  • Numerical Simulation of Multicomponent Surfactant Transport on Fluidic Interfaces with OpenFOAM
  • Numerical Simulation of Interfacial Mass Transfer in Bubble Systems using OpenFOAM

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